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The last phone accessory you'll ever need.

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Here's how it works:

Stop compromising, get OhSnap!

OhSnap! was created after we realized how many different problems could be solved with one simple accessory.

Phone accessories never satisfied me, so I created something that solved all the issues.

Dale Backus



Each color is carefully crafted to grab attention and pair perfectly with any phone. Go ahead, take your pick.
Space Grey
Rose Gold
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Tons of features packed in a shockingly thin frame.

Our team was tasked with finding as many ways to make the OhSnap! a life-changing phone accessory that still remained under 3mm tall. Well… Saddle up, because this isn’t a one-trick pony.
Different Posistions
Phone Stand
Wireless Charging Compatible

OhSnap! is the perfect phone grip.

Your phone is slippery, fragile, and (probably) pretty expensive. Don’t settle for the bulky alternatives, get a grip with OhSnap!

OhSnap! rotates a full 360 degrees°

Whether portrait or landscape, hold your phone with confidence, comfortably.
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OhSnap! moves to 3 different positions.

Easily reach any part of your screen! No cords? No problem. OhSnap! is 100% wireless charging compatible.
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OhSnap! is magnetic!

OhSnap! sticks to any metallic surface, like that fridge, gym equipment, or telephone pole nearby. Magnetic surfaces, like car mounts - we didn’t forget about those either.
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The "glue" that holds Oh Snap! together is the solid aluminum frame.

The milled frame houses steel inserts, magnets, and the snapping assembly, creating a cohesive and solid accessory!
Oh Snap! has magnets in the top and bottom of the frame that allow it to stick to gym equipment, fridges, telephone poles, etc.
Steel has been inserted into the middle of the frame to allow Oh Snap! to stick to car mounts and magnets.

OhSnap! is the most reliable and adaptable phone stand on the market.

Gone are the days of propping your phone against random objects, crossing your fingers, and hoping your phone doesn’t fall. Just pop open your OhSnap!



104 mm


44.5 mm



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Rubber-coated Snap Band

Forget cheap, stiff, and tacky-looking plastic, this band snaps perfectly around your finger for maximum style and comfort.

Milled Aluminum Frame

Stunningly beautiful and shockingly durable… your phone just got a face-lift.

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